Tips for Throwing a Successful Sweet 16 Party

Sweet 16s are all about the theme. And the choices can be overwhelming! Never fear, Total Entertainment has put together a list of the top five Sweet 16 themes for 2015 along with a few tips on how to make each one the party your friends (or daughter’s friends) won’t ever forget.

First, go glamorous with a Hollywood Glamour party. Boas, spotlights, champagne flutes, Oscar-style centerpieces, and an Emcee to rival Neil Patrick Harris are must-haves to make this theme pop. Invite your friends to dress up as their favorite stars or iconic movie characters and blow-up classic film posters to place around your venue for a finishing touch.

How about Western? Make your dancefloor look like a rodeo by placing haybale seating around the edges and tie bandanas on the back of dining chairs to double as decor for the room and for your guests. Have the DJ play whatever music you’re into, but you know you’re going to Cotton Eyed Joe it at least once.

Open up the traditional “Princess” theme by changing it to a “Disney” theme. This allows guests to come as princes, villains, sidekicks, and yes, even princesses. Just be sure to let your guests know which Disney princess you’ll be modeling your look after. Nobody wants to be Ariel or Jasmine #2!

Two words: Harry. Potter. Whether you’re renting a tent and doing it up Yule Ball style, or outfitting a backyard to look like a quidditch pitch, there’s really no way to mess up a Harry Potter theme party. And what other party this year is going to have virgin cocktail choices like Butterbeer, Amortentia, and Felix Felicis?

It’s already March, so bring in the summer season early and go tropical! Outfit your guests in leis and fanny packs. Ditch the inflatable palm trees and incorporate palm fronds into sand-filled centerpieces instead. Use twine to hang lighting for a castaway effect. The possibilities for a tropical theme are infinite!

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