Music Video DVD’s

Music DVD’s with Green Screen and Costumes Fun for any occasion! Music Video DVD’s for Super Fun!

The latest in Event Fun is our Music Video DVD Studio! It’s a video Green Screen attraction that allows you and your guests to shoot a 2-minute music video in front of a green screen, and have your performance superimposed in front of a professionally produced music video background, while lip-syncing to your favorite song. Up to 6 DVD’s can be burned immediately following each performance and everyone gets a DVD to take home! Here are the different options:

1. Super Deluxe Music Video DVD’s with Mega Costume & Accessory Rack – this option includes a minimum of 3 hours (or up to 4) of unlimited DVD’s, a rack of 20 costumes including sparkle jackets, wigs, hats, boas, guitars, etc. Comes with 2 Attendants.

2. Deluxe Music Video DVD’s with Basic Costume & Accessory Rack – this option is for 2 hours, and includes 5 costumes, accessories, hats, boas & props. Comes with 1 or 2 Attendants.

Each option will produce unlimited DVD’s during their times, and each option includes a custom labeled DVD for your event. Call For Pricing!


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