Choosing the Perfect Theme for Your Next Party

From celebrating your company’s success to throwing your child’s first birthday party, choosing whether or not to have a theme is a task. If a themed party is chosen, the challenge is now choosing a theme fit for the occasion.

Here are few things to keep in mind when deciding on a theme for your upcoming event!

Consider your occasion and audience

It’s important that you keep the reason for your celebration and the guests that will be in attendance in mind when choosing a theme because you wouldn’t want to host a casino night at a child’s birthday party. Corporate events that’s main purpose is networking should be kept simple and elegant. A company party or team building event could thrive with a casino night and a child’s birthday party would find success with a theme that was interactive and fun with several games and activities to keep the young ones occupied!

Date, time, and location of your party

Group of Friends at a Themed Party in BostonThese basic party planning details come into play when deciding your theme. Think about the days surrounding your event. If it’s near a major holiday, then your theme is easily picked for you! Patriotic décor around the Fourth of July and everything glitter to reign in the new year.

Time and location are vital to your theme as well, because some locations are your theme. Whether your event is at the zoo, or at a whimsical garden, your theme is in your setting. Be sure to keep your timing in mind too so that you’re not serving adult beverages at an inopportune time.

Don’t forget about the most important part: you!

If you are crowned as the personal party planner, then you and your vision must be trustworthy. Research what’s on trend for corporate outings or children’s parties, then once you’ve compiled some ideas, ask the public. Involve your employees in choosing the theme or leave it up to the imagination of your child.

At Total Entertainment, we work with you to bring your theme to life! With inflatable bounce houses of varying themes and a full package casino night to take advantage of, we have everything you need to plan a perfectly-themed party. Give us a call toll-free at 888-339-9995 and start your planning today!