Things to Avoid When Planning a Corporate Event

Corporate events require proper planning in order to be successful; your employees work hard all year and deserve a little fun thrown into the mix!

Often, the key to planning comes down to what to avoid more so than what to focus on. Here are some simple “don’ts” of planning a corporate event.

Don’t skimp on details

If you plan to host a sophisticated corporate event, cutting corners is the first thing to avoid. Focus your spending on the most important elements of the event: the venue, the food, and the entertainment. Guests will typically remember these three aspects more than the smaller specifics of the event, so invest in the important event details and leave the rest of your budget for the smaller particulars.

Don’t be cheesy with the theme

Drinks and Food at a Succeesful Corporate EventOften, the theme for a party is one of the most important elements that will guide the rest of your planning; from the food and decorations to the favors and games. However, themed corporate events could come off as unprofessional and lack the class and touch of elegance associated with business parties. Instead of cheesy themes for your event, focus instead on creating patterns of color that best represent your business. Consider a custom casino night that will bring your employees and guests together for a glamorous night of fun and team building!

Don’t schedule the event at an inconvenient time

If you want your employees to attend your corporate event, avoid scheduling it over holidays or holiday weekends. Many employees go out of town or desire to spend time with family during these times, leading to poor attendance at your event. Additionally, leave Mondays and Fridays out of the mix when picking a date; fewer people want to start or end their workweek with a large work event.

Remember to schedule your affair at a location away from the office! Pick a popular in-town destination, travel to the nearest major city, or get outside for a unique corporate experience.

Don’t plan the event alone

This is a corporate event, meaning you have plenty of other worker bees to help you plan your event. Create a committee, ask for volunteers, or consider full-service event planners to produce the perfect party. Delegate tasks as needed and assign people to take care of each detail as you oversee the planning group and keep everyone on task.

Need a hand? Total Entertainment has the experience and supplies necessary to plan your next corporate event! We’ll help you impress and wow employees with a casual affair or a sophisticated occasion. From planning and renting to catering and entertainment, we are a one-stop shop here to make your event the best in the area!