Five Ways to Keep Your Outdoor Party Cool This Summer

Outdoor parties under the summer sun require a bit more time and attention to detail in order to keep your guests cool and comfortable. Make your celebration a success this summer with the following outdoor party tips!

Utilize and create shade

The most coveted spot at an outdoor party is the seat soaked in shade. One of the top ways to beat the summer heat is by taking a break from the sun, so it’s crucial to offer your guests plenty of shady, covered areas to relax in.

Start by placing some seating in shady areas around your yard, such as covered patios or under large trees. Look for structures in your yard that create shade throughout the day and utilize these areas for your guests. Next, add shade where it is lacking by using tools such as umbrellas, canopies, shade sails, or rental tents.

Supply sunscreen and bug spray

Sunny outdoor parties require protection from the elements. Be the perfect accommodating host and provide guests with sunscreen as they attend your outdoor party. Have sunscreens of different types on hand, such as lotions and sprays, and be prepared for a variety of age groups, from kids to adults.

Hot, sunny weather also tends to draw unwanted bugs and pests to your party, so have some bug spray at the ready to help guests avoid irritating bites.

Whip up some cold drinks and treats

Nothing helps guests stay hydrated and refreshed like ice-cold water. Sitting in the hot sun all day leads to dehydration, which doesn’t exactly scream “fun in the sun.” Fill all coolers with bottled water, iced tea and lemonade, which will guarantee relief from the heat.

Remember to serve hydrating treats such as frozen grapes or frozen melon balls. Fresh fruit, crisp vegetables, and other cold finger foods are the perfect treats for munching on during an outdoor party.

Consider the location of the grill and fire pit

Lighting a fire during the hottest part of the day may sound unappealing at first, but don’t give up on creating the desired look and ambiance of your outdoor party just yet. A simple way to keep guests comfortable while keeping your fire pit roaring throughout the day is by setting up seating further away from the heat. Likewise, keep the cooking and grilling away from mingling areas to help guests stay cool.

Focus on entertainment

Happy Child Having Fun on a Water Slide at a Summer PartyEntertainment makes or breaks a party, and with outdoor parties, providing a way to cool down could be the difference between a success and a flop. Go big and be the talk of the town by renting a water slide for a unique and fun way to beat the heat! No matter the size of your outdoor party, there are so many water slides to choose from, accompanied with your favorite fishy characters—some that you may recognize from Finding Nemo!

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