two-hotdogs-grilling-725x544As you already know if you live in a suburb of Boston, whether it’s Salem or Danvers or Middleton, good weather doesn’t last long and should be enjoyed! What better way is there to take advantage of the rare sunshine than having a cookout?

We’ve got propane grills, burgers, hot dogs and sno-cone machines. In case you’re interested in something on the higher end, we’ve even got lobster and clams. We can even supply the tables and chairs. We’ve got everything you need!

Do you want to keep the kids out of the hair of the adults? We can help! Children love face painting, balloon animals and bouncy houses. You can also hire popular children’s characters such as Batman and Dora the Explorer to keep them entertained.

Of course, our cotton candy machines are favorites year-round. Kids love to make cotton candy, and everybody loves to eat it!

Whether you’re having a little get-together or a huge block party, call one of our professionals at 978-777-2050. We can give you plenty of ideas to help make your event special!