How to Simplify Your Party Planning

Party planning is stressful and once the date of your event arrives, you’re too exhausted to enjoy it! Here are just a few tips to help you simplify your planning process and still create a successful event.

Give yourself some time (to breathe)

There’s no need to stuff months’ worth of party planning into a week – you’ll drive yourself crazy! That’s why it’s important to plan early and plan slowly. Spread out your party tasks so that you have designated planning days and some downtime in-between. One other thing to accomplish early on in the planning process is sending your invites as soon as possible so that your guests can plan accordingly.

Organize your planning with a checklist

Calendar and planning supplies on a tableYou won’t miss one detail of your event when you compile all of your party planning tasks into one master list. This will help you solidify a timeline and offer you peace of mind throughout the whole planning process. No more crafting 100 unique centerpieces, while worrying about if you called the caterer. With a to-do list in hand, you’ll be able to check off the items as you complete them and keep track of what still needs to be done.

Eliminate menu planning altogether

Deciding on a menu for your event is a difficult task, so why not skip it? Consider having a buffet where guests can create their own plate and can choose from several food options. Full service catering will eliminate the need to work those long hours in the kitchen preparing appetizers, entrees, and desserts, when you could be focusing on other party aspects.

Recruit some help

Remember that you don’t have to plan alone! Enlist some friends, family, or coworkers to help execute your plan. Have a few extra hands working on those unique centerpieces or writing out invitations. It also doesn’t hurt to call in the professionals. Consider hiring a full service event planner to guarantee less stress and happy guests.

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