Four Reasons Why Your Next Corporate Event Should be a Casino Night

Company Casino Night


It’s time to plan your next corporate event, but your staff has already been there and done that with the ho-hum happy hours and the lackluster lunches. You want to plan an event to remember, an event that will motivate your staff and impress your clients. May we suggest … a casino night?

Here are some reasons why your next corporate event should be a casino night:

It’ll be the perfect ice breaker

If your employees rarely interact with coworkers outside of their departments, playing casino-style games will get them talking and learning about each other, creating a company-wide sense of belonging.

Morale will go through the roof.

A fun night out boosts employee morale and promotes positive feelings about coworkers and the company in general.

So many branding opportunities!

Especially if you’re inviting current or potential clients to the event, a casino night is a great chance to get your brand out there. You can mix your branded décor with the casino themed decorations and with that, the possibilities are truly endless. Your clients will associate your brand with the enjoyable night they had!

A casino night is fun!

Who doesn’t love a night filled with games? The flip of a card and the roll of the dice are thrills everyone can enjoy. Play with “funny money” to keep things fun and low-stakes and share the excitement at the poker tables, money wheel, or slot machines!

Need some help with planning your custom corporate casino night? Total Entertainment is here to help! We offer full-service event planning to the Boston area and have all of the supplies you need for one fabulous night at the casino. Call us toll-free at 888-339-9995 to find out more.