The Perks of Karaoke at Your next Party

19773289_SWhen looking to add something a little original and spunky to your next party, look no further than Total Entertainment’s Karaoke packages. Karaoke is a lively way to get friends and family of all ages off their feet and engaged in party you’ve spent so much time planning. It’s gratifying for hosts and guests alike. Both professional and “shower singers” alike will rise to the occasion to be the star of the stage, belting out their favorite tunes. From country to pop, back to the oldies to rock n’ roll we have a genre to please any guest. Our song selection includes over 150,000 choices and is guaranteed to include a hit for everyone. Karaoke is an energizing activity that your entire party will enjoy. They will go home with wonderful memories of the fun they had. Even people who don’t like to sing will admit they had a blast watching others sing or dance their way through the classics!

Our friendly and entertaining DJ can keep any party rolling. Engaging and trained DJ’s can be hard to come by. At Total Entertainment, we do not have amateur bowling alley hosts. The use of our professional DJ assures that this will be a Karaoke experience like your guests have never seen before. Karaoke equipment will be set up correctly and all audio technology will be functioning properly for the entire event. Forget 19400175_Sthe time and stress of power strips, plugs, and mid-song technical glitches, and leave it to our DJ’s for your next gathering!

Karaoke is a great way to spice up any event. From birthday bashes to wedding receptions, singing and dancing can make a diva or rock god out of any guest. Solos are a great way to showcase those who have the vocals of a pop idol or country star. For those more timid, we offer duet tracks to ease those who are more hesitant to take the mic. Duets are also a powerful way to express the friendship of two siblings, the love of a couple, or a rekindled relationship through song. So for your next party, grab the mic, make a musical memory from one of the many tunes Total Entertainment has to offer.

Give us a call to help capture the fun with karaoke! Interested in making your big party even more memorable? Contact us today for even more ideas to make your party one for the books!