Top Event Planning Trends of 2018

Event attendees hold new expectations each year when it comes to the venue, experiences, and activities. Give your guests something to remember by staying attuned to the biggest event planning trends of 2018!

Holistic activities

Event attendees are consistently seeking out new, unique activities to experience. Guests appreciate a wide array of options for spending their time and offering only one simple activity or event is unlikely to capture the interests and passions of each individual person. Offer fun and exciting things to do at your event that go beyond the basics.

Guest experience is one of the most important aspects of your event. Allow guests free time where they can choose between multiple events and activities; this allows attendees to pick and enjoy their favorite forms of entertainment or education.

Play on emotion

Planning a Successful Event in 2018Event attendees in 2018 seek out events that make them feel known and understood. Personal experiences prove successful, where attendees can express who they are and show off their skills and talents. Make your event a must-attend attraction by paying special attention to your guest list and catering the décor, activities, and favors towards your audience.

Events in 2018 require engaging experiences that draw the audience in and play on the five senses. Include multi-sensory areas and hands-on displays, and try integrating scents and mood-setting soundtracks. Attendees will appreciate your efforts to give them this experience and make them feel comfortable.

Imaginative venues

Nontraditional and bold venues create lasting memories for attendees, and in 2018, the bigger, the better. Move beyond the conventional four-wall layout and inspire attendees with fun and unique event layouts that invite interactions and reflect the personality, values, and statements of the event.

Make an impression with your venue by considering extraordinary places for your event’s backdrop, like castles or museums. Customize and transform your venue with special elements like photo booths or inflatables. Keep your event the talk of the year with a versatile venue certain to turn heads.

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