Top Team Building Activities Your Employees Will Actually Enjoy

Your employees work hard during 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., so their time outside of the workplace should definitely be spent relaxing and having fun. What better way to do so than with a corporate event? Through developing camaraderie and building a strong community, everyone will gain something from the experience. But again, it has to be fun!

Here are some activities that your employees will actually enjoy!

Casino Night

Company Casino NightA casino night essentially goes like this: your company can rent game tables—maybe one for roulette, one for poker, and another for blackjack—and tokens are handed out to everyone. In the end, the tokens are exchangeable for either cash prizes, or other rewards. Whether or not you like to gamble, casino night with your fellow employees is a tried-and-true way to laugh, take some risks—and, who knows: maybe even win some money!

Karaoke Night

Company Karaoke NightWhy has karaoke consistently been one of the best team-building activities available? We think it has a lot to do with the fact that everyone is out of their comfort zone—no matter what, you have to sing that song you have saved for the shower. And after a long day of work, it can be rejuvenating to shake out the stress of the day with your favorite guilty pleasure tune.

Bubble Ball Soccer

Company Outing Playing Bubl;e SoccerThis one’s for the more competitive types. It’s called bubble ball soccer, and right now, it’s all the rage in Europe. Why? Because you get dressed up in a big bubble, and play a game of soccer, which is a lot easier (and more fun) than it sounds. Ready to roll?

With corporate events, you want to focus on social activities that are engaging, perfect for your team’s skill set, and, most importantly, fun. For all of your corporate event and party rental needs, call Total Entertainment at 888-339-9995 today!