Five Simple Event Entertainment Ideas to Wow Your Guests

In 2018, it’s essential for every event to present their guests with a non-stop, interactive experience that will indulge both their short attention spans and their need to be consistently entertained. Whether it’s a corporate outing, a child’s birthday party, a high school dance, or an elegant fundraiser, your guests will be looking for a total entertainment experience.

Keep the kids entertained or the adults amused with these top entertainment ideas for your next event!

Give the event some color with a face painter

Arts and Entertainment Rentals for Your Next EventFace painting is always a hit among kids and parents alike! Whether it’s a small doodle on the cheek or you’re transformed into a full-blown ethereal fairy, face painting can add excitement to any party.

Fake tattoos are all the rage—especially if you add some glitter

Just like face painting, glitter and airbrush tattoos can give your guests a unique opportunity to revamp their look—in a non-permanent way! These artists usually have a collection of designs to choose from and the whole process takes just a few minutes.

Turn anything into a contest and you have their attention

It’s easy to pique the competitive sides of your guests when there’s something worth vying for. Make your entire event a competition by adding a theme and including a costume contest or plan out several little activities that will keep everyone wanting to win.

Show off your guests’ character with a caricature artist

Book a Caricature Artist for Your Next EventYour event attendees are bound to become entranced with a caricature artist. Bringing out their most prominent features and showing their personality in a caricature is a perfect token for them to take away from your event and remember all of the memories they made.

Get creative with music and get your guests involved

It never hurts to hand the microphone off to your audience, but why not plan for it and incorporate some karaoke? Guests can have fun singing along to their favorite songs and dancing the night away.

Your event doesn’t have to break the bank when it comes to entertainment. At Total Entertainment, we’re your one-stop party and entertainment source. Browse our vast collection of party rentals and give us a call at 888-339-9995 to learn more about our services!