Using Inflatable Water Slides At Your Next Summer Party

With the official start of summer quickly approaching, now is a great time to plan a fun summer party! Whether you are hosting a birthday party, fundraiser or other family-friendly event this season, you need a way to keep everyone cool.

Total Entertainment has the best option available; inflatable water slides!

Tons of fun for children and adults alike. The biggest benefit to including an inflatable water slide in your celebration is the opportunity it provides for you to escape the heat. Run and jump down a giant slide, racing with friends and getting active while ensuring you don’t overheat out in the sun.

With water inflatables, you can become very creative with party games. You can have your guests participate in relay races and other competitive activities.

Remember when planning outdoor activities to use sunscreen. Set up a tented area near the slide where everyone can dry off, enjoy snacks and re-hydrate – all without tracking water through your home. You can keep travel sized sunscreen and towels at a small table for your party guests.

From the Aqua Extreme Wet Obstacle Course to the kid-friendly Nemo Slip N’ Slide, Total Entertainment has an inflatable water slide for every summer event.

Looking to give guests a good laugh during your celebration? We even have a dunk tank for rent! Our dunk tank is perfect for fundraisers.

Instead of sulking indoors in front of the air conditioner this summer, get outside and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine with us! To learn more about our rental options and begin planning your one-of-a-kind celebration, contact Total Entertainment by phone at (978) 777-2050. As a full-service event planning and rental provider, we know how to throw a great party and have all the supplies needed to ensure your party’s success!