Guide to Hosting Your 2020 NYE Party

Group of women celebrating with fireworks at pub. Female friends enjoying party at nightclub.

Many people host New Year’s Eve parties and many people seek out parties on this holiday. Whether you will be hosting the party from the comfort of your home or a banquet hall, it is possible to throw an amazing party without over-stressing the details.

Here are a few tips to create the party that sets the tone for the beginning of a new decade:

Have Great Music

New Year’s Eve parties should be upbeat and good music can be a major contributor to the overall mood of a party. You should be playing music all night. If you can, hire a professional DJ to take care of the music for you. Hiring a professional DJ will prevent you from having to shuffle the music on your phone all night. You can tell the DJ what kind of music you want to be played and they will curate a setlist designed just for you! A great theme for your music can be “sounds of the decade”, you can play some of the most popular songs from the last 10 years!

Awe-Inspiring Decorations

Because this is a New Years’ party, you want to make sure your party is fully decorated with exciting holiday-themed décor. Stores are stocked with balloons, confetti, streamers, fun sunglasses, and more. Have some of these party accessories sitting on a designated table for people to use or pose for pictures with. It will drive the theme of your party home and we all still have a child somewhere inside of us. You can also use a backdrop or giant photo frame to take your party photos to the next level!  

Hire a Photographer

What better way to capture the moment of the new year than to save the moment in a photo that will last forever. With a hired photographer, you won’t have to worry about having to take pictures of your own, and potentially not being in the photo! A photographer will capture the best moments of your party and create a lasting memory.

Light Up The Night

Young people having fun dancing at party.

Total Entertainment has light-up furniture available for parties when you are really doing your best to “wow” your guests. This furniture can give any party a unique edge. Our light-up bars, coffee tables, and columns will make your party shine. They come in a variety of colors and you can use a remote control to adjust them.

Snacks and Refreshments

You do not need to serve a full dinner at a New Year’s Eve party and most people don’t expect that.  Your party is probably starting after dinner and many of your guests will eat before they arrive. However, you have to serve food and drinks of some sort. Make several simple appetizers and a few simple desserts to go along with them. If you’re worried about not having enough food or if someone hadn’t eaten, pizza is a great go-to for any party. Provide one or two simple cocktails, a white and red wine, and two different draft beers and let guests choose from those. Use a portable bar to prepare drinks with ease. This can also help cut down traffic through your kitchen if you plan on hosting the party at home. Check out these exciting drinks to use as a signature cocktail for your party!

These hints will help you make your New Year’s Eve party one to remember. Total Entertainment can help with all your party planning needs. From