How to Plan a Holly Jolly Holiday Office Party

With November here, we can hear sleigh bells ringing at Total Entertainment. Although it might be too soon for some of us to listen to “Baby It’s Cold Outside,” it is not too soon to start planning your holiday office party. The time of season’s greetings and blustery blizzards is almost upon us, which means plum pudding and presents are something you have to start thinking about for your holiday office party.

Don’t Host at the WoChristmasCorpPartyrkshop

Regardless of the fact that it might be cheaper to hang holly and trim trees for the break room, it will not impress or entice staff to attend. If you want to throw a good Christmas party, consider throwing one outside of the office. Whether someone is willing to open up their home to host or you rent out an affordable fire hall, it will feel more like a party if it is not in your office building. Total Entertainment has a variety of furniture rentals available to fit whatever space you go with.

Jingle Bell Rock

Here at Total Entertainment, we love a theme party. The holiday season gives you a simple theme that is wrapped in a brown paper package tied up with string. The holidays come with a whole selection of music that we only get to listen to for about two months out of the year. Hire a professional DJ to play seasonal songs about snowflakes and sleigh bells. If you have enough time, survey your employees to get an understanding of what holiday songs they would prefer to hear and let us know in advanced so we can customize a playlist.

Celebrate On Camera

From sleigh bell sweaters to snowball fights, you’re going to want to document the party and capture each merry moment. With Green Screen Photos at Total GreenScreenEntertainment, you can choose from over 80 background choices and receive unlimited photo sessions during the event.  This will also allow you to use the photographs as party favors for guests to take home. Consider having props handy such as poinsettias, pinecones, and presents for people to put in their pictures as well. Choosing to have a green screen available to your employees will put you at the top of their nice list this holiday season.

Deck the Halls

The holiday season makes decorating simple but it can also feel overwhelming with endless options. You can make centerpieces and decorations out of candy canes, tinsel, popcorn strings, or wrapping paper. (And the list goes on!) From fake snowfall to frosted firewood, decorating for a holiday party gives you total creative freedom to do what you’d like. If you know any employees that have a knack for decorating, ask for help! Most employees can be paid in gingerbread houses when they are off the clock.

Total Entertainment can help you throw the perfect holiday office party. Contact us for available rentals that might help you throw a holiday party. We also suggest putting out lots of cutout cookies, twinkling lights, and bottomless hot chocolate.