Interesting Fundraising Ideas

Planning a fundraiser can be stressful, and it may be tough to find unique ideas that will really bring the cash flow.

If you are putting together a fundraiser and are looking for inspiration, here are a few ideas that are sure to help you reach your monetary goal:

Interesting Fundraising Ideas Variety Sale

This is a tried-and-true fundraising standby. Community members donate items, and your organization holds a huge sale event. Items could be anything from clothing to gift certificates for services. This is a great way to cut costs because you don’t have to pay for the items you will be selling.

Art Shows

This idea raises funds in multiple ways. Artists pay a registration fee to show their work. Attendees pay a fee to browse the collections. Artists auction off their work, with all or a portion of the proceeds going to benefit the charity hosting.


This is a simple way to raise money and encourage healthy lifestyles. To create a run/walk fundraiser start with a location. Once you have the area out can spread the word about the event. Runners will be required to submit a registration fee. You can also ask local companies to help sponsor/donate. Make your race unique by adding costumes, a movie theme, or some other angle.

Cooking Contests

You can create a cook-off just like the popular televised shows. Find a location such as a school gym or community center. Use flyers and e-vites to get the word out. Ask local grocery stores to donate food supplies. You can sell tickets to onlookers to allow them to taste the food.

Film Festivals

Area filmmakers, including amateur upstarts, enter their works to be shown at your festival. Entrance fees, ticket sales, and concessions all help to bring in money.

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