Planning a Lonely Hearts Valentine’s Day Party

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It’s Valentine’s Day and once again you’re sitting on the couch binging Netflix while everyone else enjoys a romantic night out with their significant other. Are you really the only person without a special someone this year? Wrong! Nobody wants to be single on Valentine’s Day but plenty of people find themselves solo every February 14th. This year, skip the stress and anxiety of trying to find a date and embrace the independence you have with a celebratory party! We all deserve to have a little bit of fun on Valentine’s Day, regardless of our relationship status. Before the day arrives, plan an awesome singles party for yourself and other single friends!

Here are a few tips for planning the ultimate lonely-hearts Valentine’s Day party: 

Amp Up the Entertainment

Your guests will consist of people who may be a little down about the fact that they will be spending this Valentine’s Day alone. Get their minds off their relationship status by providing quality entertainment. Everybody knows that laughter is the best medicine so consider hiring a professional comedian to entertain your guests. This is also a great ice breaker to get people more relaxed. Another fun way to entertain guests is to hire a psychic. This is another fun way to keep your guests entertained. They might even learn that they won’t be single on the next Valentine’s Day!

Keep Guests Dancing

The best way to shake the blues is to dance it out. If your guests are standing around or leaning against a wall you need to get them moving quickly. We all have “feel good” songs that make us feel on top of the world, and it’s important to include a few of the go-to classics. If you want to make sure your guests are dancing without having to worry about creating playlists or using a streaming service with ads, hire a professional DJ. You can tell the DJ to only play songs for singles, or mix in romantic music for those that want to mingle with the other singles.

Choose Off-Color Décor

A big part of Valentine’s Day is frequent decorations that are colored in various shades of red and pink. Most Valentine’s Day decorations are sparkling, and if you’re trying to achieve an “anti-valentine” theme, sparkles and conversation hearts aren’t going to cut it for your guests. All good parties have decorations. Consider decorating with “unexpected” valentine decorations such as black hearts, sassy signs, and broken-heart cookies.

Never Miss a Photo Opt

If you’re hosting a pretty big bash, guests are likely expecting some sort of party favor. We suggest giving guests some sort of photo montage from the event. Consider giving your guests a flipbook photo favor to really impress. These flip photo booths are a perfect customized party favor. Our package comes with costumes, wigs, accessories, and more to make photos fun. Total Entertainment can send your guests home with their flipbook before they leave so they have something to laugh about for weeks afterward.

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If you’re thinking about hosting an “anti-valentine” party, be sure to visit  Total Entertainment for all your party planning and entertainment services. Total Entertainment understands how stressful and time consuming it can be to plan a party or event by yourself. We offer full-service party planning, as well as individual rentals and packages.

To begin the planning process for your New England area party, visit us online or contact us by phone at 888-339-9995. We look forward to hearing from you – and making your celebration one to remember!